Created in 1994, the JPW’s company is specialized in the creation of custom made and high-end light fixtures and their scenography. Through beautiful objects, real emotion triggers, Jean-Philippe WEIMER express his talent as a poetic light sculptor. To blend fully with their environment, his lights fixtures combine great technical aspects with an innovative spirit.

Part of the living heritage company since 2011

The constant quest of perfection, the utilization of noble material, the seamless integration of the lights, and the great involvement in the quality of the making of the fixtures were rewarded by the prestigious EPV label. It’s a mark of recognition of the French state, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.The recognition of his clients, his growing notoriety didn’t make him lose his roots and the region that he loves. He still envisions his lighting studies in response to the desire of his clients and the different constraints imposed by the different geography of the surroundings. Even though his process his complete (space, analysis, design of objects, installation and integration, maintenance and follow up) each realization is unique and conceived in the outmost respect of the places in which it is integrated.

Master Artisan since 2005

Jean-Philippe WEIMER who always gives priority to the high quality of each step in the process of creation production and installation of his products, received in 2005 the title of Master Artisan.

His high standard in all things makes him the perfect candidate for this recognition. His passion to create, his knowledge and his way to communicate his vision, allows him to start a productive dialogue with different art craft professionals.

This distinction is a guaranty of excellence for his clients and partners. He surrounds himself with artisans, technicians, trade professional, chosen for a great partnership in the service of innovative and artistic projects.

JPW and his team put all their common experiences together to realize secure, durable, innovative, sensitive and beautiful projects. They’re always a perfect reflection of his constant imagination.

Lighting designer

+33 (0)4 94 10 20 99


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